After Skipping Controversy, Nets Push Pelosi’s Salon ‘Setup’ Allegation

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 2, 2020
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As NewsBusters documented Tuesday, the liberal broadcast networks completely blacked out Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s blowout fiasco, where video exposed her flouting COVID regulation by getting her done inside a San Francisco salon, without a mask. ABC, CBS, and NBC only discovered to the controversial incident only after the Speaker held a press conference and did her best impression of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, claiming her hair appointment was “a setup.”

Of course, the liberal media took the marching orders from their political queen and pushed the narrative.

CBS Evening News showed their hand early. In the opening tease, anchor Norah O’Donnell announced: “And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is caught on video getting her hair done indoors, violating San Francisco restrictions. Tonight, why she says she was set up.”

The #PelosiBlowout, as it was described on Twitter, was covered in a 2020 election report by political correspondent Ed O’Keefe. He pitched it as something President Trump was talking about and played Pelosi’s defense.