After Hunter Found Guilty, MSNBC Hails Biden As The 'Living Embodiment Of The Rule Of Law'

Alex Christy | June 11, 2024
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When the news came down on Tuesday that Hunter Biden had been found guilty of the gun-related charges against him, the cast of Jose Diaz-Balart Reports only did what comes naturally to MSNBC: hype his father as the “embodiment of the rule of law” and promote his re-election campaign.

Donald Trump did not fire legal analyst Andrew Weissmann or his boss, Robert Mueller, when he was president, but that did not stop him from oozing, “One, the son of the sitting president was pretty quickly tried. He was given due process and he was found guilty. And you have the current president, the father of the defendant, making it absolutely clear that he is not pardoning him, that he could have ordered at any time his Justice Department to get rid of this case, he did not do that.”

Speaking of Trump, Weissmann added, "What is the big picture here? It's not a drug addict who possessed a gun for two weeks. It is that you have a president of the United States who is living embodiment of the rule of law, even with respect to his only living son and you can really contrast that to the former president's denigration of the rule of law, every single time he's found guilty in a criminal case or found liable in a civil case, including sexual assault and fraud, he says the system's rigged against him. I think that that, to me, is the really strong contrast between the two views of the institution of the justice system, whether it's civil justice or criminal justice that I think it's speaking to me very loudly about the impact and the import of this case."

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