After Enabling CARNAGE in the Streets: Nets Finally Discover CHOP Shootings


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The extremist militants that claimed a part of Seattle as their own country in the name of Black Lives Matter were finally dismantled by the police on Wednesday. The cost? Three weeks of chaos, crime and the lives of two black teenagers. And as NewsBusters has extensively documented, those black lives didn’t matter to the folks at ABC, CBS, and NBC since they covered up those killings. They were forced to address it with the toppling of the so-called “Capital Hill Occupy Protest” (formerly CHAZ).

For over a week people have been getting shot and killed in the “autonomous zone,” but it was the first time that CBS News had ever covered them. “For weeks, President Trump had demanded Seattle take back a section of that city occupied by groups protesting police brutality,” fill-in anchor Major Garrett prefaced on CBS Evening News. “Today, after an accumulating number of acts of violence including deadly shootings, the mayor ordered Seattle police to take action.”

At no point did CBS nor any network mention that the two victims were black teens (Lorenzo Anderson, 19 and Antonio Mays Jr., 16). So, much for black lives matter.

“Police in riot gear moved in at dawn ordering protestors to move out. Those that resisted were handcuffed. More than 30 arrested, their tents torn down and removed,” gawked CBS correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti. He later noted: “The nearly month-long occupation of Seattle's Capital Hill came to an abrupt end after a series of shootings killed at least two people.”


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