After (Briefly) Unloading on ‘A**hole’ Cuomo, Hack John Oliver Allows 47 Seconds in 5 Weeks

Scott Whitlock | April 13, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] HBO’s John Oliver fancies himself a bold truth teller, standing up to those in power. In reality, he’s a Democratic hack who protects politicians in his political party. In February, he very briefly stood up to Andrew Cuomo, calling the liberal governor mired in scandal an “asshole.” But in the five episodes since, Oliver has spent a scant 47 seconds mocking the Democrat. Cuomo has faced multiple accusers related to sexual abuse. He forced Covid patients into nursing homes and then covered it up. But that’s not of much interest to Oliver. On March 7, the host disposed of Cuomo in 4 seconds with this aside: “It's been a wild week, from Andrew Cuomo's scandals continuing to grow, to eight moderate Democrats killing a $15 minimum wage.”