After Assailing DHS for Election Warning, CBS Only Believes Microsoft


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In a stunning example of journalistic malpractice Thursday, CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell and chief Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues shared a “new” warning from Microsoft about counties such as Russia, China, and Iran launching cyber-attacks on both presidential campaigns. The problem? These same two spent part of their Wednesday evening newscast being appalled by reports acting officials in the Department of Homeland Security were pushing the same intelligence.

“We're learning tonight about new, more-advanced cyber-attacks on American political campaigns. Now, those hacks are believed to come from overseas, Russia, China, and Iran,” O’Donnell announced as she introduced her colleague. “And Jeff, I think what’s fascinating about this is we're not learning about it from U.S. intelligence. The warning is coming from the tech giant, Microsoft. Right?

Pegues agreed with a “yeah,” and gave a rundown of Microsoft’s warning.


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