Admiring Handy Work: NBC Gawks at Low Cop Morale After Stoking Hate

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 21, 2021
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As part of their “Future of the Force” series Monday, NBC Nightly News and anchor Lester Holt took a step back to admire their handy work, gawking at how morale in police departments nationwide was “at an all-time low.” Of course, this comes after the network spent over a year stoking hate of cops, backing the defund the police movement, decrying cops protecting their lives, and deceptively editing evidence of a just use of force to protect a civilian.

After a year of facing unrest, more and more police officers are leaving the job. And many say morale has plummeted,” announced Holt, as if he had nothing to do with it.

Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez unironically filed his report from Portland, Oregon, which saw Antifa terrorists try to kill police by trapping them in the federal courthouse and trying to burn it down.


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