ACCIDENTAL JOURNALISM: Univision Notices Influx Of Chinese Migrants

MRC Latino | January 21, 2024
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DANAY RIVERO: In Ye Chenxiang's case, he seeks dignity for his wife and two children. He says the Chinese government's laws against the faith motivated him to leave.

YE CHENXIANG: Arriving in the United States has been like receiving a soft, warm embrace.

RIVERO: And although some have already achieved the goal, touching American soil, they are followed by their worries. Like Zheng Shiquing, 28, who is very worried about finding a job.

ZHENG SHIQUING: There is an army of migrants coming and it will be very difficult to get a job.

RIVERO: To reach the land of freedom, Wang Qun, who has been here for a year, had to fly from China to Ecuador. He then ventured by motorcycle, bus, and even a boat to reach the border of Mexico and the United States, and finally settled in Los Angeles. There, he hopes to legalize his immigration status. He says it's part of an overwhelming backlog of asylum cases. Even so, he builds a life here.

WANG QUN: I have a work permit, driver's license, and social security number.