On Abortion, Mitchell Says Men Just Don't Get It

Alex Christy | September 24, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On her Friday show on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell welcomed California Rep. Jackie Speier to discuss the House passing a bill that would prohibit any restrictions on abortion. Speaking in a solemn tone Mitchell declared that pro-lifers, especially men, just don't get it when it comes to the issue.

After lamenting that the bill will not pass the Senate, Mitchell observed how some laws that were once considered restrictive now look less so, "what you're now facing is a Mississippi argument that's been scheduled in the Supreme Court which is a 15 week, not the 6 weeks, but 15 weeks, and what had originally been thought by supporters of the right to choose as a very restrictive law before, of course, we saw the Texas law."

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