ABC’s Karl Pitches New Anti-Trump Book as Must Read for Jan 6 Committee


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The Holy Gail of anti-Trump authors would be to have their writings promoted and cited by the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Riot, because it would be a boon to sales. And during Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl made that sales play by actively pitching and urging the members of the committee to get copies of his book because it has “revelations” they would “certainly” want to learn about.

GMA co-anchor Dan Harris shilled for Karl’s book by noting the timing compared to the Trump campaign discloser that said he had raised $80 million:

The timing is interesting for you Jon since the title and cover art for your forthcoming book were just revealed. Here it is Betrayal: the Final Act of the Trump Show. However, if we look at the war chest Trump is amassing, how are we to believe we've seen his final act?

“Well, well, first, the number is staggering. The idea of an ex-president, especially one that left office the way this president left office, raising that kind of money is astounding,” Karl noted, suggesting it hinted at a serious 2024 campaign consideration.


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