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ABC's Good Morning America Mentions Student Walkout Over Gun Control Activists Hijacking Vigil


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Good Morning America
May 9, 2019

[8:02:34am - 8:03:28am]

HOST GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We have news to get to, as well. Including that school shooting in Colorado. And the hero students who helped stop the gunmen. We want to go back to our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman and that kids protest at one of the vigils overnight.

MATT GUTMAN: Good morning, George. It was pretty shocking to see those hundreds of students and parents marching out of that gymnasium protesting what they called the politicization of their grief. They said they didn’t want to talk about gun control. They wanted to talk about the heroes who stopped that shooting. At the vigil for that school shooting’s victims the survivors rising up. Politicians like Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Michael Bennet spoke but it was the students who demanded to be heard. Stalking out of the gymnasium.

[Student: “Let STEM kids speak!”]

GUTMAN: They demanded that the vigil instead focus on the shooting’s victims including 18 year-old Kendrick Castillo, was killed after being the first person to rush the shooter.


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