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ABC/NBC: Iran Warnings a ‘Real Test’ of Trust in Trump, Might Be 'Faulty' Intel


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The USS Abraham Lincoln was speeding to the Persian Gulf, U.S. military bases in the Middle East were on high alert, then on Wednesday nonemergency staff for the U.S. Embassy in Iraq were ordered to leave because the U.S. had intelligence of an “imminent” Iranian-backed attack. But the liberal media, which often carries water for the regime, was skeptical. ABC News suggested it was “faulty” intel like with the Iraq War. NBC News claimed it’s a “real test” of President Trump’s credibility.

While the other broadcast networks only cast their suspicions on the warnings, claiming they weren’t specific, CBS Evening News and Pentagon correspondent David Martin uncovered the possible threat. He told viewers the U.S. was “reacting to intelligence reports, Iranian-backed militias in Iraq are moving rocket within range of U.S. outposts…

According to Martin, even though Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee still wanted to see the intelligence, Utah Senator Mitt Romney (R) had been briefed and he saw the threat. “Iran may be considering some kind of malevolent activity relative to our interests and our people in the region,” he told the press as he walked down the hall.


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