ABC Worries of 'Danger' That Wisconsin Protest Could Help Trump

Scott Whitlock | August 27, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] As violence engulfed Wisconsin on Wednesday and Republicans continued night three of their convention, journalists on MSNBC did their best to connect the events to the presidential election in November. On ABC, Tom Llamas worried about the “danger” of Wisconsin helping Trump. On MSNBC, far-left host Lawrence O’Donnell saw the shooting and riots as an “outgrowth” of Donald Trump. Talking to Terry Moran, Tom Llamas worried: “I saw a video that struck me today. It was a white business owner of a pizzaria that was destroyed and all the glass was broken and he was pleading at the protesters, the demonstrators, screaming at them: ‘Do you want to re-elect Trump?’ Essentially saying, ‘You are going to fire up the other side.’ Do you think that's the case? Could it happen? Is there a danger here?” 

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