ABC World News Tonight SQUEES Over Biden-Obama-Clinton Fundraiser

MRC Latino | March 28, 2024
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LINSEY DAVIS: Now, to the race for the White House, and four U.S. Presidents in New York. President Biden holding a $25 million fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall tonight, with some high profile support from former presidents. Former President Obama hitching a ride to New York on Air Force One with President Biden. He'll be joined by former President Clinton on the stage tonight. Former President Trump also nearby at the wake for a fallen police officer, just three weeks until the start of his Manhattan criminal trial. ABC's Chief White House Correspondent Mary Bruce here in New York. 

MARY BRUCE: Tonight, President Biden calling in the heavy hitters to give his campaign a jolt. Biden and former President Barack Obama touching down today in New York City. Teaming up tonight with former President Bill Clinton for what the campaign is touting as a record-shattering fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall. The Biden campaign billing the star-studded night as a massive show of force.