ABC Was NOT Happy with Trump’s ‘No Hope’ Speech of ‘Darkness,’ ‘Lowest Energy’

Curtis Houck | August 28, 2020
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In reacting to President Trump’s 2020 RNC speech on Thursday night, ABC made sure their coverage reflected the total opposite of how they basked in and marveled at Joe Biden’s speech. Instead, they decried it as a “no hope” speech “filled with” “darkness,” entitlement, “harsh attacks,” lacked energy, and dared to suggest Biden would reenact lockdowns if elected.

Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl was most effusive of Biden’s speech, calling it his “finest hour” and “the speech of his life.” But after saying Trump had “moments of hopefulness,” he dispensed with pleasantries to lament the “darkness” of Trump’s remarks calling out Biden’s fealty to China and policies that would destroy “the American dream.”

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