ABC Tries to Exploit Kidnapped Americans in Haiti to Push for Open Borders

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 17, 2021
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Over the weekend, news broke that some 17 Americans, including children, taking part in a Christian mission building an orphanage in Haiti were kidnapped by a gang. But never letting a good crisis go to waste, ABC’s Good Morning America on Sunday used it as an opportunity to push for open borders with White House correspondent MaryAlice Parks arguing the situation meant President Biden couldn’t turn away illegal immigrants.

“The assassination of the president, the earthquake, the economic ruin following the pandemic, and now Americans caught right in the middle of this. It only further complicates U.S. policy in that country as well,” co-anchor White Johnson said, noting the string of woe Haiti was experiencing.

Parks responded by seemingly lamenting that U.S. officials didn’t heed the pleas of some Haitian officials to send troops there “to help stabilize the situation.” “Obviously, that didn’t happen but we know the U.S. has, from time to time after the assassination, after the earthquake sent teams of officials there to the ground. You can imagine this makes their work so much harder,” she said.


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