ABC Stands With Bogus WHO Report on COVID Origins, NBC Finds Bats in Lab


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Leaked copies of the World Health Organization’s compromised report on the origins of COVID-19 made their way through the media on Monday ahead of the official release. But while Disney-owned ABC was trying to prop up the dubious claim that the virus didn’t escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab, NBC Nightly News was busy exposing evidence that the lab was capturing and breeding the kind of bats that carried coronaviruses.

During ABC’s World News Tonight, anchor David Muir crammed the WHO’s findings into a 24-second report where he brushed over the fact that China stonewalled investigators and signed off on every detail mentioned in the report’s conclusions:

And next, a report on the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, is due tomorrow. Reportedly concluding that the virus most likely spread directly from bats to another animal and then to humans. The 100-plus page report from the World Health Organization and China also finding it was, quote, “extremely unlikely” the virus escaped from a Wuhan lab.

Notice how Muir tried to suggest that the investigation and report were a joint effort by the WHO and China, and not just the latter censoring and manipulating the findings.


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