ABC Spotlights Sex Offender Past of Satanic Ritual Organizer


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<p>On the late 21 October 2014/early 22 October 2014 edition of <em>Nightline</em>, ABC&#39;s Byron Pitts zeroed in on how the organizer of a Satanic ritual in Oklahoma City in September 2014 has a criminal record of sexual assault. Pitts underlined that how the felon, Adam Daniels, claims to be a &quot;religious leader,&quot; and is yet a &quot;convicted sex offender.&quot; The correspondent bluntly turned to Daniels and said, &quot;You get how, for most people, those two things don&#39;t line up.&quot;</p>

<p>Pitts also pointed out another controversy that the Satanic leader is involved in: his plan to build an altar to Satan that incorporates debris from the Oklahoma City bombing. The ABC journalist confronted Daniels about this move:</p>

<p>BYRON PITTS: For many that support Daniels&#39; right to religious expression, he crossed a different line with his plan to build an altar to Satan....His building material of choice? Debris from one of the deadliest domestic terrorist attacks in U.S. history.</p>

<p>DANIELS: Rubble from the Oklahoma City bombing.</p>

<p>PITTS (on-camera): What?</p>

<p>DANIELS: Sure.</p>

<p>PITTS: Why?</p>

<p>ADAM DANIELS, CO-FOUNDER &amp; PASTOR, DAKHMA OF ANGRA MAINYU: Because it would have one of the most highly negative charges that you could have on &ndash; energy-wise.</p>

<p>PITTS: A hundred and sixty-eight men, women, and children were killed in that building.</p>

<p>DANIELS: Yes, sir!</p>

<p>PITTS: That is a painful moment for this nation &ndash; certainly, for this community &ndash; and you want to make an altar out of that?</p>

<p>DANIELS: Yeah &ndash; creation through destruction.</p>

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