ABC Slams ‘Outrage’ of Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone Interview With El Chapo

Scott Whitlock | January 11, 2016
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Even the journalists at ABC News, who have their own problems with journalistic ethics, were disgusted by Rolling Stone having Sean Penn interview the drug lord known as El Chapo. Legal analyst Dan Abrams appeared on Good Morning America, Monday, to decry, “I think he [Penn] did something wrong here. In particular, I think Rolling Stone did something wrong here, journalistically.” Abrams blasted, “El Chapo could vet the story before they published it.... I think that is an outrage.” However, speaking of Penn’s elaborate efforts to talk to the man linked to numerous murders, the journalist declared, “As a legal matter, you can't convict someone for just hiding your effort to meet with someone.”

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