ABC’s WNT Ignores Hillary Taking Back Apology on E-Mails She Offered on Show in September


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<p>ABC&rsquo;s <em>World News Tonight </em>broke the network&rsquo;s blackout on Tuesday night pertaining to the question from Monday&rsquo;s <em>CNN Iowa Democratic Town Hall </em>about Clinton&rsquo;s dishonesty, but it neglected to highlight Clinton recanting her numerous apologies from 2015 pertaining to her e-mail scandal with one of them coming on that very newscast in a September 8 interview by anchor David Muir.</p>

<p>Naturally, the Fox News Channel&rsquo;s <em>Special Report with Bret Baier </em>aired the contrasting clips during chief White House correspondent Ed Henry&rsquo;s dispatch from Iowa on the Democratic race.</p>

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