ABC Praises Biden’s 'More Aggressive Use of Executive Action'

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 7, 2021
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For four years, the liberal media were President Trump was acting like a dictator for relying on executive orders to push his policy agenda. But during Sunday’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos and ABC chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl gushed and praised President Biden for his “speed” and “more aggressive use of executive action” than former-President Trump, whose executive actions they decried.

The emphasis in these first weeks of the Biden presidency, speed,” Stephanopoulos touted to Karl near the top of the program.

In response, Karl marveled at the “remarkable speed” Biden was using “to take down some of the central pillars of the Trump presidency in just two weeks!” He then lauded Biden for completely reversing Trump’s immigration policy by halting border wall construction and “reinstated DACA.”

DACA was an example of the media’s hypocrisy with executive orders. They all attacked Trump for getting rid of it with his executive action because former-President Obama, with Biden as his vice president, created it out of thin air with his own executive action.


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