ABC, PBS Extol ‘Stern and Direct’ Obama Speech; ‘Struck’ by Pledge to ‘Destroy’ ISIS


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<p>While NBC&rsquo;s Lester Holt was wondering before President Obama&rsquo;s speech Sunday night if it would <strong>&ldquo;be a defining moment for this presidency,&rdquo;</strong> his counterparts on ABC and PBS picked up where he left off afterward by enthusiastically praising how <strong>&ldquo;struck&rdquo; </strong>they were by<strong> &ldquo;a stern and direct&rdquo;</strong> Obama <strong>&ldquo;laying out...a strong and smart strategy&rdquo; </strong>to deal with terrorism.</p>

<p>ABC News chief anchor (and former Clinton staffer plus Clinton Foundation donor) George Stephanopoulos immediately gushed as soon as the President concluded how he was so <strong>&ldquo;stern and direct&rdquo;</strong> by<strong> &ldquo;laying out what he called a strong and smart strategy to deal with the terrorist threat that has evolved here in the United States.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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