ABC Odd Man Out as NBC Calls Out Cuba's 'Communist Dictatorship'

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 14, 2021
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Following the lead of CBS Evening News who admitted that “communist rule” was responsible for all of the problems in Cuba the previous evening, Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News saw correspondent Morgan Radford call out the island’s “communist dictatorship” for the “dire food shortages” and the crackdown on free speech. She also highlighted the rightfully emotional Cuban-Americans where were protesting in solidarity with those there fighting for their freedom.

And while Radford was placing blame for the Cuban peoples’ plight on the “communist dictatorship,” correspondent Victor Oquendo on ABC’s World News Tonight was providing little context for the actual protests.

“Protesters calling for freedom as food and medicine shortages devastate the island,” he reported near the end of the segment. But there was no explanation as the why they would be “calling for freedom.”


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