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ABC, NBC Outraged By Alabama 'Openly Defying' Roe v. Wade


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The state of Alabama enacted the most pro-life law in the country on Wednesday and the liberal media was outraged at the thought of protecting unborn life. Each of the three broadcast networks kicked off their evening news programs by fretting over it, with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt decrying how “46 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled abortion a constitutional right, the state of Alabama has just openly defied that landmark decision.

On ABC’s World News Tonight, reporter Steve Osunsami began by huffing about how “Alabama Governor Kay Ivey ignored the protests and took her pen to paper late this evening, signing this bill into law that effectively outlaws abortion statewide.”

Osunsami has some real nerve to whine about Ivey ignoring protests when ABC routinely ignores the massive March for Life protests in Washington, D.C. every year. In fact, he sounded almost fearful when he announced: “There's a movement happening. More than a dozen states have recently passed laws restricting abortion. All meant for a showdown at the nation's highest court.”

He also didn’t seem to like how “faith weighed heavily” in the Alabama legislature’s debate. “Providing an abortion would become a crime, even if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest,” he lamented as an extreme. But ABC didn’t see anything extreme with New York’s abortion law which allowed abortions on a baby’s birthday, nor the failed Virginia bill that would have allowed abortions on “delivered” babies.


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