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ABC, NBC Hype U.K. Ambassador Bad-Mouthing Trump in ‘Bombshell’ Cables


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In the latest example of the liberal media siding with a former government against President Trump, ABC News and NBC News dedicated a portion of their Monday evening newscasts to hyping the U.K. ambassador to the U.S. bad mouthing the President in leaked diplomatic cables.

It was clear that both outlets were simply giddy to report that “President Trump tweeting his administration will no longer deal with Britain's ambassador to the U.S. After leaked diplomatic cables revealed the ambassador describing the Trump administration as ‘dysfunctional,’ ‘diplomatically can clumsy’, and ‘inept.’” As ABC correspondent Kyra Phillips did in that quote on World News Tonight.

Of course, ABC had to note that British Ambassador Kim Darroch was “warning” his country that “Trump and his family may have been entangled with ‘dodgy Russians.’” And that was just a taste of all the anti-Trump comments Phillips wanted to share with viewers:

In the memos obtained by The Daily Mail, ambassador Kim Darroch declares, "I don't think this administration will ever look competent." He writes that President Trump "radiates insecurity", and when dealing with him, "you need to make your points simple, even blunt." He says the President's life has been "mired in scandal,"…


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