ABC Mocks ‘Surreal,’ ‘Instigator’ Starr: There to Remind GOP of ‘Hate’


[See NewsBusters for more.] The journalists at ABC on Monday made little effort to hide their contempt for “surreal” “instigator” Ken Starr and his defense of Donald Trump during the impeachment trial. Stephanopoulos, who it must be reminded is a former Bill Clinton White House hack, sputtered, “I have to say it was breathtaking, maybe even a little surreal to see Ken Starr take on the age of impeachment comparing impeachment to war, calling it hell, when he was the chief instigator of President Clinton's impeachment.” Terry Moran began his reporting with scorn, mocking Starr: “I thought the most impressive aspect of Ken Starr's presentation there was the fact that he could keep a straight face through it because he was the leader and instigator of the Clinton impeachment.” Moran scoffed, “It was an achievement for him to get through that.” Dismissing the legal expertise of Starr, Moran derided, “I'm not sure that it would appeal to anyone on the Democratic side, but maybe he was there to remind Republicans of how much they hated Bill Clinton.” 

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