ABC Manipulates Video of Fauci Defending Trump, Insists He Killed People


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During Monday’s coronavirus press conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci rebuked the media for pouncing on an out of context quote pulled from an interview he gave to CNN the previous day. The liberal media had been using the quote to suggest President Trump was responsible for the deaths of over 20,000 Americans due to alleged inaction. ABC’s World News Tonight manipulated the video of Fauci’s defend of the President to leave out key details, and insinuated that he was pressured by the President.

As he was speculating about the Doctor being in hot water with the President because of the CNN interview, ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran lied about Fauci blaming Trump for the deaths. “This, on the same day Fauci declared, in an interview on CNN, that the administration's reluctance to call for shutdowns and strong social distancing measures sooner has cost more American lives in the pandemic.”

That’s not what he said and ABC manipulated that video too, see the transcript below where it says “transition.”

When it came to sharing Fauci’s clarification, Moran edited out the part where he scolded those trying to exploit it. “That was taken as a way that maybe somehow something was at fault here,” Fauci said as he was beginning to explain his experience with advising the President. And he hit on that point again as he was wrapping up: “But clearly, as happens all of the time, there were interpretations of that response to a hypothetical question that I just thought it would be very nice for me to clarify because I didn't have the chance to clarify.”

Instead, Moran aired these manipulated soundbites and edited out Fauci admitting that “pushback” was too strong of a word to describe the discussions that went on.


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