ABC Invites Pelosi to Spread Her Doomsday Fears of Trump’s Leadership


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The final question ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos directed to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in his softball This Week interview was intended to tee her up to fear-monger about President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis, and repeat the debunked claim the President called the virus a “hoax.” In stark contrast, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace had grilled her on how she had downplayed the virus.

In a conference call with your caucus earlier this week, you reportedly said: ‘I'm afraid of what the President may do during this period.’ What is it that you're afraid of,” Stephanopoulos sympathetically asked. ABC was so proud of this moment that they shared a tease of it during Good Morning America.

Pelosi kept up her shtick about being a religious woman and suggested that Easter had given her time to be reflective and prayerful about her warning against Trump’s leadership.


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