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ABC Ignores Walmart Raising Wages to $11 Citing GOP Tax Cuts


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Walmart employees got some much-welcomed news on Thursday: Their hourly wage was going from nine dollars an hour to eleven and on top of that, many were receiving $1,000 bonuses. The company also cited the GOP tax cuts as the reason behind the move. But instead of reporting on the great news for many workers, ABC’s World News Tonight spent two minutes and 26 seconds hyping the new movie about Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding and their two-hour documentary about her.

In contrast, network competitor, NBC Nightly News ran a run full segment touting the wage increase. “And we're already seeing the effects of those tax changes on American companies. Today Walmart, the nation's largest private employer, announced plans to raise wages, hand out bonuses and increase benefits,” announced anchor Lester Holt during the intro to the segment.

Wages at Walmart will now start at $11 an hour, up from $9. Eligible employees will also get up to $1,000 bonus depending on their years of service,” reporter Gabe Gutierrez reiterated as he began his segment.


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