ABC Hypes Biden's 'Contrasts' With Trump, Apologizing For GOP In France

Alex Christy | June 8, 2024
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For Saturday’s Good Morning America, ABC White House correspondent Mary Bruce went into full hype mode as she tried to tie President Joe Biden’s Pointe du Hoc speech with Ronald Reagan’s 40 years prior. She also gleefully noted “the contrasts” between Biden and Donald Trump while playing up the former apologizing for the GOP in France during his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Speaking over side-by-side images of Biden and Reagan, Bruce hyped “Biden speaking at the same site where 40 years ago President Reagan delivered one of his most iconic speeches.”

After a clip of Reagan, Bruce added, “While Biden didn't mention Donald Trump by name, the contrasts were clear. The president pitting his view of America's role as a global leader against Trump's isolationist America First stance.”

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