ABC Hammers FBI Director Comey, Push that He Swayed Election


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<p>FBI Director James Comey went before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday where is was grilled by partisan Democrats about his supposed influence in Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s defeat. Of the Big Three Networks ABC appeared to be the most irate&nbsp;over Comey&rsquo;s sworn testimony. &nbsp;&ldquo;<strong>Comey, animated in his answers, facing questions about whether his decision just 11 days before the election affected the outcome,</strong>&rdquo; announced Anchor David Muir at the start <em>World News Tonight</em>.</p>

<p>&ldquo;<strong>And he was pressed: Why didn&rsquo;t he reveal the investigation into Donald Trump&rsquo;s associates and Russia, but did go public when it came to Hillary Clinton,</strong>&rdquo; Muir continued before handing the story over to Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas, who took shot after shot at the FBI Director.</p>

<p>Thomas started off his report by playing a clip of him from January 10 badgering Comey, asking: &ldquo;<strong>Director Comey, were you comfortable with the role you played in the investigation?</strong>&rdquo; He also opened by chiding that Comey had been &ldquo;<strong>under the microscope since the election</strong>&rdquo; and that he was once again &ldquo;<strong>in the hot seat</strong>.&rdquo;</p>


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