ABC Guest Proclaims Democrats the Party ‘Not Telling People What To Do’

Brent Baker | April 17, 2023
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In a surreal moment on Sunday’s This Week on ABC, Jane Coaston chastised Republicans for supporting state efforts to limit abortion as she contended Republicans are the busy-bodies telling people what to do while Democrats believe in leaving people alone: “I think the most important political priority for any political party is to not be the people telling people what to do.” 

Coaston, former host of The Argument podcast for the New York Times, touted how “if Democrats are able to say that we are the party that says you can make these decisions, you can make decisions for your family, your family can make decisions for themselves, I think that that will be politically profitable.”

That was too much for fellow panelist Chris Christie, the former Republican Governor of New Jersey, who countered: “Democrats are going to have a hard time making that case when you look at public education and what their position is, which is us and the teachers’ unions know what to tell your children and where they should go to school and how they should be taught.” 

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