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ABC Grills DHS Head on CBP Facebook Group, Skips Rep’s Ties to Anti-Semitic Group


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Last week, the liberal media pounced on a report that a private Facebook group allegedly made up of former and current Customs and Border Protection officials existed and was filled with questionable posts about migrants and members of Congress.

ABC chief foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz got her chance to question acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan about the group during Sunday’s This Week. But while she grilled McAleenan on that Facebook group, which he was not involved in, she failed to question Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MN) about her personal involvement in a disturbing anti-Semitic Facebook group called “Palestinian American Congress”.

Several minutes into their interview about the crisis at that border and CBP’s struggle to keep up with the flood of illegal immigrants, Raddatz shifted to pressing McAleenan on the Facebook group reportedly called “10-15”, which reports claimed was the radio call for border crossers in custody:

Let’s turn to the private Facebook groups with offensive content. We can’t so most of it because it is so bad. It is allegedly associated with CBP agents. You have said the agency is going to look into that. ABC and others have reported that CBP leadership was aware of at least one group as far back as February of 2018. You’ve served as acting commissioner since January 2017, were you aware of this so-called “10-15” group?


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