ABC Fears Trump ‘Targeting Michelle Obama’s Legacy’ on School Lunches


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<p><em>Good Morning America</em> co-host Robin Roberts was aghast on Tuesday that <strong>the Trump administration was supposedly &ldquo;appearing to target both the former administration&rdquo; by &ldquo;taking steps to roll back Michelle Obama&rsquo;s healthy food initiative for kids.&rdquo;</strong> The on-screen headline during the ABC report blared: <strong>&ldquo;White House Scales Back School Lunch Guidelines; Is Trump Targeting Michelle Obama&rsquo;s Legacy?&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Correspondent Cecilia Vega explained: &ldquo;Yeah, Robin, this is coming from the new Agriculture Secretary, Sonny Perdue. He says that students essentially aren&rsquo;t eating the food, they don&rsquo;t like it. Cafeterias and schools have complained about it. So, hence, these changes.&rdquo; She noted the modest changes to the onerous regulations: &ldquo;They would relax whole grain requirements. They allow 1% fat flavored milk back into school cafeterias. And then they relax these sodium limits...&rdquo;</p>

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