ABC Fears GOP ‘Pouncing’ AND ‘Seizing’ on Botched Boosters to Hurt Biden

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 19, 2021
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After an FDA advisory panel shot down the White House’s prospect of rolling out COVID vaccination boosters for everyone, it was apparent that President Biden had gotten ahead of the science we were being told to worship. But instead of questioning why the President would do that during Sunday’s This Week, ABC’s so-called “powerhouse” panel was more concerned with Republicans “pouncing” and “seizing” on the opportunity to criticize Biden.

“The FDA committee's recommendation on the booster was more narrow than President Biden wanted … but he is being criticized for jumping the gun. What happened,” wondered fill-in host Martha Raddatz.

According to chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl, “it looked like the White House was getting ahead of the science, that the White House was getting ahead of the health experts.” Referencing an interview Raddatz did with Dr. Anthony Fauci shortly before, Karl pointed out that “Dr. Fauci seems to be in a little bit of a spin mode; him saying, ‘Look, we just wanted to be ready by this date.’”