ABC Fears Border ‘Issue’ Will Distract from Biden's COVID Bill Victory Tour


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As President Biden set to make a victory tour through states with Senate races coming up to promote the passage of his pork-filled COVID relief bill, ABC’s Good Morning America shared their fear that the child migrant “issue” on the southern border would distract people. At the same time on Sunday, the network covered up how the bill had a trio of business tax hikes rounding out at roughly $60 billion hidden inside it.

As ABC started to talk about the relief package, their initial instinct was to boast about Biden’s victory tour. “President Biden tomorrow sets off on what the White House calls a ‘help is here tour’ to promote the COVID relief package,” announced co-anchor Eva Pilgrim as she handed it off to White House correspondent MaryAlice Parks.

“Yeah, this is a coordinated cross-country publicity tour,” Parks touted. “The President and First Lady up and down the east coast next week. President Biden himself traveling to Pennsylvania and Georgia. Vice President Kamala Harris and the Second Gentleman, they’re headed out to Nevada. All four of them next week hitting seven states.”


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