ABC Fawns for New Stacey Abrams Kids Book, Pitch Race for Governor

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 28, 2021
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In a nauseatingly gooey Tuesday interview with election conspiracy theorist and Democratic candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams, the co-hosts of ABC’s Good Morning America heaped praise on the previously failed gubernatorial candidate for announcing her second go at the position, her work as a “major voting rights advocate,” and her eponymous new children’s book Stacey's Extraordinary Words.

The segment was teased as a discussion of the book but co-host Janai Norman had other intentions as she kicked things off with Abrams’ political ambitions.

“Good morning to you, Ms. Stacey Abrams! We are so excited to have you here! So excited to talk about this book,” she said while introducing their guest. “Your other big news you made earlier this month. You will be running again for governor in Georgia in 2022. This is after that narrow loss three years ago. What will be different for you this time around?”


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