ABC Deceives Viewers: Suggests Biden in Chicago to Address Crime Wave


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During Wednesday’s edition of World News Tonight, sensationalist ABC anchor David Muir and correspondent Alex Perez teamed up to try to pull the wool over the eyes of their viewers; trying to make it seem as though President Biden flew to Chicago, Illinois to fight crime when in reality he was more interested in peddling his massive spending agenda.

At the top of the offending segment, Muir announced that Biden had traveled to Chicago to meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and solve their bloody crime wave:

And the news from Chicago tonight. Two federal agents and a police officer shot and wounded in an unmarked car. Late today, Chicago's mayor face-to-face with President Biden, amid those growing pleas for help.

The report in question was the first time the program had acknowledged that the city had its most violent weekend this year. “This morning's shooting comes on the heels of a violent Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, more than 100 people shot, at least 18 killed. Now, some local officials asking the feds for help,” Perez reported.


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