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ABC Comes to Strzok’s Aid, Touts His ‘Searing Defense’ Against GOPers


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Sparks flew on Capitol Hill Thursday as House Republicans grilled anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok about his bias and its possible influence on the high-profile investigations of Hilary Clinton and President Donald Trump. The hearing was basically a zoo between Democratic outbursts, Strzok’s righteous indignation, and Republicans holding them back. Of course, liberal media outlets like ABC rushed to Strzok’s defense.

Sensationalist anchor David Muir kicked off World News Tonight by lamenting “the state of politics today” and complained the hearing was “uncomfortable to watch.” “As an FBI agent tried to defend himself and his text messages about then-candidate Donald Trump, some lawmakers were not having it,” he sighed. Muir touted how Strzok was finally “breaking his silence” after months of being “the lightning rod for criticism of the FBI and allegations of bias within…

The report was handed over to chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas who immediately opined about how “[e]mbattled FBI agent Peter Strzok, under fire for months, tonight, coming to Capitol Hill to try and clear his name.”

Despite admitting that Strzok had a deep animus for President Trump, Thomas boosted his testimonial defense. “In today's explosive hearing, Strzok defiant, accusing lawmakers of playing right into Russia's hands,” he hyped. “He accused Republicans of twisting his words.” Thomas also suggested Republicans seized on a text message he sent talking about they were going to stop a Trump presidency from happening, effectively downplaying the seriousness.


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