ABC, CNN Hail ‘Exclamation Point’ SOTU from 'Forceful' Obama; ‘Didn’t Rub Salt’ in GOP ‘Wounds’

Curtis Houck | January 13, 2016
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Amid the deluge of post-State of the Union coverage Tuesday night, there was a similar litany of praise for President Obama’s final such speech with notable highlights coming from ABC as contributor Donna Brazile touted it as “a good exclamation point” for his presidency and correspondent David Wright spinning it as the President “pleading for unity” instead of “rub[bing] salt in the Republican wounds.”

Over on CNN, the moments immediately after the speech concluded saw Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer hailing the “very, very forceful speech by the President hitting so many issues clearly designed to try to solidify his legacy” with The Lead host Jake Tapper comparing it to a speech Obama gives to conclude a movie about his presidency.

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