ABC, CBS PANIC Over Possible ‘Collapse’ of Biden’s Spending Deal: ‘Clock Is Ticking’

Scott Whitlock | September 23, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] ABC and CBS are worried about the massive spending bill before Congress. Now, they aren’t worried on behalf of the American people about all the money being spent. They are upset on behalf of Democrats who might be botching their chances to pass it. CBS This Morning hosts on Thursday repeatedly badgered Bernie Sanders to make a deal while ABC’s Good Morning America fretted that the “clock is ticking” with a plan “on the verge of collapsing.” Acting as an intermediary between her fellow Democrats, CBS co-host Gayle King previewed the Sanders interview: “We'll ask about the art of the possible to advance president Biden's agenda.” King gently pressed the socialist: “Would you consider a number less than $3.5 trillion? Have you talked to Joe Manchin?”