ABC, CBS Hype ‘Growing Outrage’ at Israel Invading Al-Shifa, Gazan-to-Israeli Death Ratios

Curtis Houck | November 16, 2023
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ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS Mornings spent Thursday on the pro-Hamas terrorists bandwagon, touting the “growing outrage” at Israel for its response to the October 7 terror attacks, including operations at Al Shifa hospital (which has doubled as a base and weapons cache) and the supposedly “excessive,” “hard to take,” and not “proportional” death tolls between Gazans and Hamas terrorists.

CBS foreign correspondent Remy Inocencio boasted off the top of his report that “Israel is facing growing outrage over its operations in Gaza” before leading into an interview with 26-year-old Israeli-American drone pilot with the pseudonym “Captain D”, whose face was obviously not shown to protect his identity.