ABC, CBS Deem 12 Cities Breaking Homicide Records Not Newsworthy

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 8, 2021
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Horrific was the only way to describe the statistic that broke Wednesday showing over 12 American cities had broken their all-time-high homicide rate so far in 2021, with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania topping 523, breaking their 1990 record of 500. But this wasn’t deemed newsworthy by ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News. Nor were the top law enforcement officers in those cities blaming “stupid” “progressive policies and practices.”

Instead of covering soaring homicides nationwide, ABC anchor David Muir spent 1 minute and 25 seconds gushing about Hillary Clinton crying as she pathetically read from the 2016 victory speech Americans denied her.

NBC Nightly News was the only network from the big three to report on the disgusting homicide rate, but they downplayed the outsized role progressive bail reform played. “The debate over why is raging. Some experts blame the pandemic in part, bail reform keeping more criminals out of jail, more guns, and fewer officers,” deduced national Gabe Gutierrez.


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