ABC, CBS Censor Soaring Border Arrests, NBC Downplays Percent Increase


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After the big three broadcast networks had ended their evening newscasts Wednesday, the federal government released their May border apprehension figures showing that illegal border crossings were still reaching crisis levels and increasing. In defiance of the facts, the Thursday newscasts of ABC and CBS completely censored the truth. Meanwhile, NBC addressed it vaguely in the morning before dropping it by the evening.

Instead of covering the worsening border crisis President Biden’s messaging and policies had caused, all of the evening newscasts gushed about the “ring of fire” solar eclipse. In stark contrast to the liberal networks, Fox News Channel correspondent Griff Jenkins delivered a segment on Special Report and hit on the May statistics almost immediately.

“It comes as the White House holds a background briefing call with reporters this afternoon about the new May numbers highlighting the fact that there are fewer unaccompanied children in the government's care and that fewer family units are coming,” he reported.


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