2021-Fredo Gets SCHOOLED By 2020-Fredo on the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory


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As NewsBusters documented last night, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has been trying to play dumb with COVID by suggesting GOP focus on the Wuhan Institute of Virology last year was racist. And he was at it again Wednesday night claiming theories about the lab were “a newer notion,” and that “the government had not been open to the lab theory.” But inconveniently for Fredo, NewsBusters’ archives had a video of him from April 2020 saying the Wuhan lab theory was “the story to watch.”

“The two. COVID was passed from animals to humans OR it originated from a lab accident. Now, the second is a newer notion,” he proclaimed on Wednesday. “The government had not been open to the lab theory. That is why it is so politically charged. It was dismissed as a conspiracy early on.”

And according to him, the only reason the right was interested in the Wuhan lab was to score political points.


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