10 Anti-ICE Protesters Get Airtime, Hundreds of Thousand of Jobs Do Not

garvin oliver | July 16, 2018
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PAULINA SODI, NEWS ANCHOR, UN NUEVO DIA: A group of immigrant activists yesterday began a hunger strike in San Diego, California to peacefully ask for the immediate abolition of ICE, the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The protesters say ICE is being used to terrorize immigrant communities and carry out the Trump administration’s immoral policies of zero tolerance, as they said in their own words. They have also called on state and local government officials to publicly proclaim their support for the abolition of ICE.

MARCO AMARAL, LEADER, HUNGER STRIKE: We are on a hunger strike today and we do not know how many days we are going to last, but we promise that we will be here as long as our souls allow us to be here.