This discovery will no doubt result in a vast generation of fictional novels by evolutionists to try and explain it.

By pastor Sid White: The Koran commands Muslims to war against the infidels.

A town mourns a fallen hero. Courtesy of Richard Johnson & Ray Wallace. Clebe McClary-Wounded Vietnam Vet.

All Americans should be given this lesson. Our founding fathers used God's word and teachings to establish our great nation.

This video, describing 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, illustrates what the rapture could look like.

A group of Muslims, fleeing a coming tsunami, cry out to the God of the Bible.

Chapter 2 -- Duplicity: More Labels and Lots of Lies. Learning styles and multiple intelligence labels, group learning and child-centered learning, and class averages and failing rates -- different but equal [deja vu].

Expendable Elite reveals the fear that these elite warriors share with no other military person -- not the fear of the enemy they have been trained to fight but fear of the wrath of our government.

Geologist Steve Austin shares the exciting results of his explorations on Mount St. Helens and its adjacent Spirit Lake.