Sex and the City 2 star Cynthia Nixon appears on NBC's The Today Show to talk about how she wants same-sex marriage in New York

NBC's liberal television series uses an episode to support gay marriage.

Steinem appeared with Joy Behar to celebrate the the 50th annivesary of

HLN's Joy Behar discusses the the new Arizona Immigration law with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon

Comedian Kathy Griffin and Joy Behar encourage women to get pap smears through crude jokes instead of discussing the importance of the test.

"Entertainment Tonight" had Levi Johnston on to stir up controversy about Bristol Palin's PSA.

A town in Mississippi cancelled their prom after Constance McMillen wanted to bring her girlfriend, which was against school policy.

Oscar winner Mo'Nique discusses her open marriage with Sidney Hicks on the Barbara Walters Special.

Since Michael Jackson's death he has constantly been on the network's morning shows.

MSNBC host Contessa Brewer offered her own suggestions for how to keep town hall meetings quiet.