Tim Graham is executive editor of NewsBusters. 

The Democrat and their media bosom buddies never seem to face the bizarre scenario they are pushing for 2024 -- that Donald Trump is a horrible tyrant and threat to democracy who they can't wait to crown as the Republican nominee. Washington Post columnst Jonathan Capehart admitted "I think Democrats are still champing at the bit to run against Donald Trump again."
Ex-PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff produced an 11-minute report on a professor seeking to "depolarize" our political debates, and they talked about the harmful effects of divisive cable news. As if PBS isn't partisan or divisive or polarizing in its approach to Republicans?
On Wednesday's World News Tonight, ABC reporter Terry Moran reveled in a leaked Tucker Carlson text message about a mob of white men beating up an "antifa kid." He claimed "For years...Tucker Carlson promoted racist views on his show, the highest- rated program on Fox...viewers had long heard Carlson give voice to a message of white supremacy, especially on the issue of immigration."
On Thursday's CNN This Morning, White House reporter Arlette Saenz made excuses for President Biden having the gist of a question in advance for his press conference. Well, the question wasn't "identical" to the note card! And "these types of moments are things that Republicans have seized on especially as they have tried to highlight President Biden's age."
CBS reporters never mentioned Ray Epps once until Sunday's 60 Minutes, as they told a tale of right-wing conspiracy theorists like Tucker Carlson ruining his life by accusing him of being an informant for the feds urging people to enter the Capitol on January 6. 
Friday’s PBS NewsHour pundits discussed Biden preparing to announce a re-election bid without mentioning this week’s big Hunter Biden scoops, and the same thing happened on the PBS journalist roundtable Washington Week. In the show’s last minute, they discussed House GOP investigations – but not Hunter’s name. Reporter Heather Caygle of Punchbowl News (one of those Politico offshoots) said “Have…
In an interview with Dan Abrams on NewsNation, former CNN host Brian Stelter said “I think we were doing fantastic journalism at CNN for the nine years that I was there. And I also think Fox News really enjoyed making me a target and using horrible names about me and all that sort of stuff that happens in the cable news wars.”
On the April 9 episode of CNN's Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico, the Desperate Housewives star promoted "two-spirited" trans women in the province of Oaxaca.