Cultural Vibrancy In The Netherlands
Four Dead in Isla Vista Shootings - Alleged Killers Video Threat
Syria - Hard to say which side is doing the the torturing, Rebel or Assadist. Regardless, the glee is evident.
Interfaith dialogue with your dog
Rob Ford In His Own Words - I have enough (pussy) to eat at home.
Peace mobile - The Islamic mobile phone solution
The Challenger & Adultery in Space ᴴᴰ - Islamic Reminder
A Shia muslim who survived an earlier attack is murdered in the hospital by a Sunni muslim in Karachi Pakistan.
Evidently Justin Trudeau's LPC Includes Hamas.  The JDL staged a protest against Justin Trudeau's attendance at The Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention, a Muslim Brotherhood event. This clip shows a Hamas supporter complaining to a policeman that it's racist to call him a terrorist.
In 2010 the Wali ul Asr school, located in Brampton Ontario,, staged a speech competition among its elementary school students. In this clip the young lady opens by denigrating Western society in a discussion on the need to wear the hijab. She concludes with praise for the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the banned terrorist group Hezbollah. Her praise for…