The Girls discuss two of the rescued Chilean Miners: Edison Pena who was was met topside with applause, and Yonni Barrios who didn't know who'd be waiting.
As the ice has been broken in Israel on their version of "Dancing with the Stars", The Girls discuss whether same-sex dancing is appropriate family viewing and will Hollywood cross the line (again)?
On Dylan Ratigan's show, liberal cartoonist Ted Rall, author of the "Anti-American Manifesto", suggests violence may be the only way to save America.
Episode 1: Maria, Penny, and Melanie discuss Sarah Palin's impact on American politics.
Appearing on Fox Business Channel's "Varney & Co.," on October 6, the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell gave an update on the MRC's "Tell the Truth" campaign and told viewers what they can do to hold the liberal media accountable.
The left and the mainstream media continue to claim racial epithets were hurled at black congressmen by members of the Tea Party, despite the fact a reward was offered for proof and that reward has yet to be claimed. When will the media just Tell The Truth?
Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe discuss their book: "Give Us Liberty" and the future of the Tea Party.
On Larry King Live, Bill Maher called "Teabaggers" racists, claimed they hate black people, and said when referring to President Obama as a "Kenyan", it's code for "nigger".
Juliet Huddy features the "People of Color" video on O'Reilly's "Did You See That" segment.
Celebrating NewsBusters 5th anniversary, senior editor Rich Noyes and editor-at-large Brent Baker remember two of the blog's top posts on outrageous media moments.